Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Get Bitten, Taste the Venom...

Taste the venom of your favorite vampires and show it off. The look is so seductive that it definetely has to be in someones lips. Along with many endorsements out there from dolls to shoes to bags and cosmetics; the Twilight empire sure is spreading like a desease. It's actually a very smart thing to do because there are so many fans gaga over the Twilight Saga. I love the story and the movie. Although im not as crazy as i would purchase trading cards. But i know there are alot of those who bought those and even the "Tour to Forks" books. Who would buy a shirt just because Robert Pattinson as Edward was in it. There is nothing wrong with that. I know some of those gals or guys do stuff like that because they feel close to the story and the feel to support their favorite book or movie is a must.

I absolutely think it is genius for Bath & Body Works to do this mini line. I'm even interested in the Venom lip gloss. The prices will be listed below!!! If you dolls have any of these, please let me know how it looks on(the lipgloss) and how it smells.

Twilight Venom: $16.00
Twilight Woods Lotion: $4.00 now $1.oo
Woods Candle: $9.50


  1. i read some venom bad reviews on sephora.
    but i still am interested !loll
    imagine slight red tint on my lips,awwww
    hit or miss??hahaha

  2. I have the Lip venom just doesn't work on me....It's like the gloss & the stain just wouldn't mix together even on your lips...but I didn't know B&BW has released twilight woods....gotta check it out...Thanks...

  3. that's sooo cool, love ur blog girl; comment mine;xoxo


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