Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MAC Hello Kitty Collection!

I was soo excited when i found out that MAC came out with a Hello Kitty collection! Seeing as I'm Asian with no sister, four brothers and the youngest of all. Hello Kitty was a big part of my life while growing up. I think i was such a shock to all four of my brothers because for so long every toys in the house was either guns, robots or cars. And since there was years of gap between all of us. The only thing they thought was right to get me was Hello Kitty stuff. Which by the way i did not appreciate back then, i didn't want barbies and dolls, i wanted cars and guns. But now that i don't get to see them so often because of the fact that not only do we not live in the same house anymore(which i miss soo much) but we don't even live in the same country! These days every time i see anything Hello Kitty it brings memories and as cliche as it sounds it makes me feel so close to all of them.

Now back to MAC... which is by the way one of my most favorite make up brand. The Hello Kitty Collection is of course limited edition. So enjoy it while it last. Prices range anywhere from S11.00 - $38.00. Which are lipstick, lipglass, tinted lip conditioner, powder blush, beauty powder, eye shadows and nail lacquer.

(Big bow) S14.00

Colors: Big Bow, Cute-Ster, Fresh Brew, Most Popular and Strayin.

$14.00 (Mimmy)

Colors: Fast Friends, Mimmy, Nice Kitty, Nice To Be Nice, She Loves Candy and Sweet Strawberry

(Popster) $14.50

Colors: Pink Fish and Popster

$22.00 (Tahitian Sand)

Colors: Tahitian sand and Pretty baby.

(Fun & Games) $18.00

Colors: Fun & Games and Tippy.


Lucky Tom


Too Dolly


You can get these at any major malls.

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