Monday, February 16, 2009

Christopher's 5th birthday

On Valentines day of 2009, my nephew Christopher Mark turned five! I cannot believe how years have gone by so fast. I was in my cheerleading uniform, sophomore and was almost late to class when i got the phone call about Candi who was about to give birth. And yes! I sat down and talk to Lenin while my car was outside and was on for about 45 minutes. Needless to say i was very much late for English. Not to mention that we were having a pep assembly at noon and there i was thinking about skipping school! That did not happen, instead mom and i drove Friday to meet Christopher.

I remember the very first time i saw him i cried and he smiled. He was a premature baby, due to Candi's diabetes. He was so small and had the most beautiful blue eyes that ofcourse turned light brown after some time. I've called him all sorts of name such as Boobas, patoohtah face and bubs! It is quite funny how no one else can call him nick names such as me, he wont let them.
I suppose its probably because throught my highschool years every morning i would wake up and pick him up, because ofcourse Candi would still be as leep. There Christopher would be on my bed watching music videos while i get ready. And when he turned one, i would get ready in the dining table; where Christopher would be sitting on his high chair with a bowl of cereal. He learned to eat by himself really early and before he could even understand whatever was coming out of my mouth, he always hear tita Len Len singing ABC's.

So for his birthday, he wanted TRANSFORMER
which i was very excited about. Mom also made Filipino food, which was absolutely great. Oh man, Christopher was so excited about his birthday. Originally we were planning it to be outside and since it still cold due to Joseph City snowing the previous week also Flagstaff was still very cold and at times snowing. We decided to just have it in Candi's house. Which by the way he did not complain. He was much excited about his gifts that were on the table. I think it was more of opening them and how many he recived rather than what they were.

Christopher waiting to open more of his presents... And yes that is his fake smile, not because he was not happy but because he wants to see what they have given him.

Mom, Dad and Christopher

Mom and Christopher

Dad and Christopher

Look at how cute we are

With Grandpa

Dad setting up the pinata

My blue tounge!

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