Saturday, December 25, 2010

my *surprise* 23rd bday(pic heavy)

I have been meaning to tell you guys about my surprise bday party that my wonderful husband and awesome best friend gave me. First of all, i have been so ridiculously busy... The reason of my absent. However on the 26Th of November, making that a Friday this year, i started my day the same as i do my normal days... Get up at 5:50 a.m. shower, make up, hair for work; leave at 6:50 and be at work by 7:15-7:20 just in time to start at 7:30.

As my day progressed i got an email from front desk stating that there was something delivered to me... i went in and saw this beautiful arrangement. Which came with 3 cards. One from my husband, the other was from Tink and the last was Uggy. Wishing me nothing but a happy birthday.

When the clock hit 4:00 i grabbed my louis and headed out the door, as usual said bye to my colleagues and headed out to my car. Only to find my self searching for my cellphone and answer Caleb's call. By then he was almost right behind me, so close that he complemented my ensemble. He took my hand, kissed me and whispered happy birthday.

He suggested an early dinner. Of my choice, like always... By the time we got to Sushi Brokers it was almost 4:50 p.m. and i was tired. Through out the night, he would suggest wonderful activities him and i should do. Like more shopping or a fun movie but he begged not to go home. He insisted of doing fun things on my 23rd bday. Before we were on our way home, i had decided to leave my car at work. He made a romantic stop on our way, we drove up the hills and faced the city lights; where we can almost see the road to our house.

When we finally got home, he pulled into the garage as always. This time he handed me the keys to open the door. I found that a little suspicious! Not counting that i noticed that our outside light was on and i, make sure i kill the lights before i leave the house.

Sure enough, as soon as i walked in through the kitchen door every one shouted SURPRISE!

I was definitely overwhelmed. I had 3 themes and 3 cakes! One is Hello Kitty, Hawaiian(for my pineapple addiction) and gold & glam.

This Hello Kitty cake is actually an ice cream cake from Coldstones :D

Sigma brush collection from Caleb:D

Coach graffiti cosmetic bag and small purse both from best friend Rel and her fiance John.

Along with those were gift cards, gift certificate & cold hard cash(lol.)

i was *surprised!*

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