Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lovi Poe is her name ->
I saw her on t.v last time i was visiting the Philippines. It's actually a funny story. I remember flipping through the channels. There wasn't anything that sparks my interest. I was bored and hot. Mama(my aunt, who i view in my life as my other mom) asked me to flipped it back to channel 7. So i did, there was this game show; three contestant and they were all celebrities. Although i did not know who they all were. Something about doing or making something, and the judge was the person who they worked for. When it was the time to pick a winner, i remember seeing Lovi in her dress. I asked Mama, where she think i can get the same one. So three days after, we went to the Mall at Fairview. Although we did not find the dress she wore anywhere. I am so excited about the fact that for once i actually am a fan of someone in the Philippines. Since i went back in Arizona, I'd check her pictures out on Gma site.
I don't know everything she does. Just that she is a singer and an actress, but as far as movies, songs or anything like that. I have no idea. The last time i checked her blog out, she had a birthday list. And i was amazed how much we got in common, as far as what she had on her wish list. Some of them i want and some i already have.
1. a surprise party. you could give that to me. wahahahahha!
2. Ed hardy bikini. i dont care if its skanky! as long as I'm not! hehehhe!
3. escada sentiment pefume
5. Ed hardy shirts
6. angels and demons book by dan brown. been looking for it!
7. THUMBELINA!!! the disney cartoon movie!!!
8. a cake with nothing but ICING!!!
9. black flat boots... i dont know how you call them.
10. ferragamo's incanto perfume
11. violet stockings
12. white ecuadorian roses.. :D
13. aviator shades
14. a white loose POLO not blouse... hehehehe
15. eyeshadows :D
16. dinner at kanin club!!!
17. maong super insi winsi shorts!:D
18. contact lens
19. this particular pillow na parang may sand or beany thing inside.
21. black jeans
22. this particular yellow top at the seven jeans store.
22. a pretty long dress na plunging! hahahhahahha!
23. a man in a box... pag open kamukha ni MCDREAMY!!!
24. hot rollers... lost mine!! huhuhuhu!
25. black hair ties
26. an iphone case
27. an itouch case
28. a dress from adora! hehehehe!
29. ISAW from the meatshop
30. chucks
31. sexy heels!
Green- I already have
Pink- I want, or i want more of.
By the way, Gma had this poll. Where you vote for your favorite celebrities on their network(ofcourse.) I just have to say that, i strongly believe that Lovi should be on the FASHIONISTA nominee!

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